What is Live Ops anyway?

Oscar Clark   •  July 14, 2020

What is LiveOps Anyway?

As an industry, when we think about Games as a Service, the tendency is to obsess about user acquisition and monetisation rather than how we can deliver deeper engagement for our player community.

Whilst User Acquisition is of course super important, retention remains the biggest indicator of success in games. However, there is some confusion over what LiveOps actually means for game development teams; and usually this requires a brand new set of skills

More Players, Doing More Things, More Often For Longer!

Delivering LiveOps for your game should empower your team to deliver better experiences for your players. Increasingly this applies to every developer, even those who start out thinking they are going to make a simple one-shot experience. This isn’t just a phenomena affecting mobile games; we will show best practice from PC, console and mobile for sustaining audiences and giving players more of what they want.

In this FREE webinar we will explore what LiveOps actually is, with tips and tricks that any size of development team can apply to support their players and build deeper community.

This will include:

  • What LiveOps Is (and Isn’t)
  • Understanding the Player Lifecycle
  • Events, Promotions and Data
  • Predictable Surprise (Pipelines and Schedules)
  • What To Do When (for LiveOps)

Talk slides can be found here

Oscar Clark   •  July 14, 2020