How do I use data to make my game better for my players?

Understanding what players want through data has been the critical factor underlying the enormous growth in the success of games on PC, Console and Mobile especially over the last 10 years. However, with the rising complexity of data protection it’s increasingly difficult for teams to know how to authentically set up data capture without infringing the privacy needs of players.

In this webinar, Oscar Clark, author of ‘Games As A Service’, will explain some of the best practices that any studio can follow in order to deliver great insights from your data particularly in terms of gameplay, but also with acquisition, retention and revenue. This means understanding what can be tracked and what it means, for example why you might look at both D1 and D1+ retention to track different stages in the games lifecycle.

In particular this session will explore:

  • Understanding what data means what
  • How we know what ‘Good Looks Like’
  • Defining Event Triggers and Event Parameters
  • Dashboards and KPI Tracking
  • Fun with Filters and Funnels

Viewable here: