Surviving Challenging Times Can Require Difficult Decisions

It’s no secret that as this new year starts that the Game Industry is experiencing challenging times. As we all returned to the normal life after the years of lockdown, there was perhaps inevitably likely that there would be a level of ‘settlement’ in terms of the bursting success we had seen in this space. However, combine that with the wider economic downturn and increases in the complexity of finding our target audiences we are arguably facing one of the hardest periods in the games industry’s history.

But in times like this we seen innovation and adaptation which will lay the foundation for a brighter future and an opportunity for new players to stand out. The key to surviving and thriving will be how we recognise and act on the opportunity (or need) for change and pivot our strategy accordingly.

In this webinar, Oscar Clark, author of ‘Games As A Service’, will share techniques that can help understand where you really are as a business, and how you can take the necessary steps to adapt. He will present a framework where you can evaluate your games and overall business approach based on the market realities.

In particular this includes:

  • What does success look like?
  • Competitive market positioning
  • Audience value alignment
  • Data driven secision making
  • Capacity and gap analysis

Viewable Here: