Adapt or Disrupt: Surviving as a Game Developer

Oscar Clark   •  May 27, 2020

The games industry is one of the most face, paced competitive environments on Earth and yes less than 5% of games break even. With more games on the market now than we could possibly play in our lifetimes, how can a studio survive and even thrive. In this talk Oscar will look back and years of innovation in design and technology to understand the lessons of failure and how that can help your studio survive and even, just maybe, create something players love (and pay for!).

Join This Session to learn:

  • Why We Must Design For An Audience
  • When To Move To Where The Audience Will Be
  • How We Can Hold On To Our Vision
  • Why Failure is Always An Option

Talk slides can be found here

Oscar Clark   •  May 27, 2020