5 tips for gamedevs: How to avoid the post investment hangover

Ella Romanos   •  September 22, 2020

There is always a lot of discussion about how to raise investment, but we don’t often talk about what happens next.

You’re a startup company, maybe you’ve been bootstrapping for a year or two, maybe you’ve come together a new team recently, but either way, you have put together your business plan and raised investment. But then what? How do you actually deliver?

You have shareholders that are invested in what you do, you have targets to meet. You also likely have a team to build and products or services to deliver.

Assuming you know how to deliver the products and services, there are still a lot of things that you need to get setup to run effectively as a business, and if you haven’t got experience of doing this, it’s a challenge.

This webinar looks at 5 top tips which may help you navigate those first few months, avoid some common pitfalls and speed up the delivery of your initial goals.

Ella Romanos   •  September 22, 2020