5 Tips For Game Devs: Straight Talking On Finance

Ella Romanos   •  March 10, 2020

Two years ago, we launched the financer list, and since then we’ve had more than 5000 unique visits to that part of our website. There is a clear need for easily available information which helps developers find the right funding solution for them.

In this webinar we have identified 5 top tips to help game developers understand what’s needed to raise money. In this webinar, Ella Romanos, will share her knowledge and experience from working with game developers and investors. In particular we will look at:

Forecasting – Why does it matter and what are investors looking for?

Why Debt is not evil – Dispelling the myths and fears of debt based finance models and why in the right circumstances loans can be a smart choice

Investment Fund Fees – Why do some investors charge fees, but others do not – and why it matters to the game developer to understand the difference

The Value of Data – Why do financers need to see market and game specific data in your pitch and what you need to include

Dealing with Failure – Why it’s important to show not just success but also where you have failed and learned, and why they care about how you handle challenge

Talk slides can be found here

Ella Romanos   •  March 10, 2020