Tried and Tested – A Measured Approach to Game Production

How do we know we are making the right game? This is more than just a question of design and marketing, we have to be fast, iterative and systematic about how we structure the production of games if we are to be successful.

Game Development is a hypothesis which we can test. Whether this is for an indie narrative product or for a sweeping LiveOps experience we need to rapidly know that what we build will work with the audience. That requires us to change our approach from building against arbitrary milestones that have no inherent meaning such as a Vertical Slice or Alpha and instead to measurable goals which prove if the concept can be successful early.

In this Webinar, Ella Romanos will explore the lessons observed from the last 15 years in the industry and how we can leverage a data to enhance the production process. Focusing on Key Performance indicators which let us prove that the game we are making will be successful and avoiding costly mistakes that happen when you develop in isolation from your audience.We will explore the following principles:

  • Using KPI based Milestones
  • Readiness Review
  • CPI/D1 Testing
  • Retention Milestones
  • Getting to ROAS
  • Killing your darlings
  • Go To Live (And Scale)

Viewable Here: