PGBiz Roundtables – Monetise not Bastardise

Oscar Clark   •  August 11, 2020

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital are introducing their RoundTable sessions. Here PGCD will bring together industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise, in a series of interesting and explorative discussions.

This discussion

This RoundTable is with a focus on new monetisation methods and how developers should ensure they don’t worsen user experience – brought to you by AudioMob.

Our speakers include:

  • Benjamin Masse, managing director of marketing and strategy at Triton Digital
  • Adrian Ruiz, head of developer relations at AudioMob
  • Oscar Clark, chief strategy officer at Fundamentally Games
  • Jack Cooney, founder and managing director of Nerd Agency
  • Christian Facey, founder and CEO of AudioMob

Post of the talk can be found here

Oscar Clark   •  August 11, 2020