The GameDev Budgeting Handbook: How to finish your game in time and on budget by Michael Futter

Ella Romanos   •  November, 2018

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Written by Michael Futter, contributors include Fundamentally Games’ CCO Ella Romanos

An extension of the The GameDev Business Handbook, this digital-only book dives through a project budget and shines a light on the various costs involved. Featuring all new interviews with those out there doing the jobs, the new book covers…

  • Getting started with budgeting
  • Figuring out if your budget is reasonable
  • Determining whether you should hire an employee or contractor (with legal considerations for US, UK, and Canadian employers)
  • Understanding what publishers will pay for and what you’ll need to handle on your own
  • Learning about paying for music in your game
  • Contracting with voice actors and understanding related costs
  • Finding the right fit for your PR and marketing needs
  • All the tools and subscription fees that add up quickly
  • Understanding when to talk to an attorney and accountant along the way

Ella Romanos   •  November, 2018